Flexible feeding systems

The increasing demand for flexibility in production to assemble small series in several versions in the factories of the future and with Industry 4.0, asks for flexibility solutions in feeding the parts.

 Flexible feeding systems
Flexible feeding of products through the FlexFeeder and AnyFeeder.


The three newly developed feeders of the flexfeeder product family mark the current state of flexible feeding technology. With fully integrated camera and toplight tower, the flexfeeder systems drastically reduce commissioning times compared to all previous systems due to their ready-to-use wired system. The integrated touch screen simplifies parameterization and operation and provides valuable data on system performance during ongoing production.


The Anyfeed flexfeeder is available in 6 sizes and aims at manipulating the products from bulk in such a way that they – by means of a combination of vision and robot – can be picked up and collated before further treatment (assembly/inspection/packing, etc.).