Since 8 June 2016 HUPICO is an official member of FIMOP.

FIMOP was founded in 1968 by 22 companies specialized in hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, systems, controls and components. At this time FIMOP has 48 members. The objective of FIMOP is the distribution, development and deepening of the technical and economic know-how of the members. The association takes care of the promotion of industrial automation powered by a liquid under pressure or a compressed air source (section Fluid Power) and systems that consist of valves and electrovalves (Fluid Control).


At the general meeting of 8 June 2016 it was also decided that in the future BELGITRANS and FIMOP would continue their activities in 1 federation, under the name InduMotion. This new federation will continue the objectives of both federations.

BELGITRANS is the professional association of companies active in electromechanical and electronic transmission. Both associations are already working together in certain fields. So they support both the biennial Indumation trade show.

With this marriage a group is created of more than 80 leading industrial companies that can promote the interests of the sector and the world of technology.

For HUPICO this membership means an added value in which experiences and know-how with the sector can be exchanged.