EPSON expands its range of industrial robots with the new T-series robot.  The new series offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO), which makes it possible to use the robots for applications where the TCO was previously too high. Many employees in production environments perform relatively simple, repetitive tasks. Previously these tasks could not be automated cost-efficiently. However, this is now possible with the T-series. And this for a low price: for only € 7,500 ex. 21% VAT, you have a SCARA robot that does not require complicated setup and maintenance.

The EPSON T3 has a built-in controller, which means that the space required can be significantly restricted as no complicated wiring and space for an external controller is needed. The T3 only needs a power cable. This will make the installation smooth and easy. A batteryless motor unit reduces maintenance and factory downtime. Factory owners do not need to exchange batteries because the T3 is able to record the back-up status of its motors by using a simple mechanical system with the latest motor technologies.

The powerful and user-friendly EPSON RC+ software is used for the programming. It is available for free, can be used for all EPSON robots and comes with the simulator.

EPSON T-series is the ideal entry level robot for simple automation tasks at a low cost !

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