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MONTRATEC : Montrac (conveyors/conveying systems)

Brochure Montrac

Montratec GmbH from Niedereschach (Germany) is specialized in the manufacturing and developing of the automated transport system Montrac.

MONTRAC is an intelligent monorail conveying system for manufacturing and logistical processes.

MONTRAC systems are flexible, simple and user-friendly; the possibilities are nearly limitless. Wherever customers have to move multiple products, MONTRAC is an efficient and profitable solution.

MONTRAC was designed to be extraordinarily simple. It is comprised of very few components, making design and assembly very easy, comparing to an ordinary conveyor system. The Trac components (see survey) are quick to assemble. Other than a straight cut, there are no machining processes required. The exclusive use of electronic components eliminates the need for pneumatic connections and complicated wiring. Chaos Technology greatly reduces the cabling and programming. You will benefit from this simplicity not only during assembly but also when changing or expanding your conveying system.


This very easy-to-use tool enables you to adapt the layout of MONTRAC in your installation exactly to your needs and space restrictions.

Download the configurator from the MONTRATEC website.  

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