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EPSON : dual arm robot

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EPSON has commercialised a “seeing, sensing, thinking, working” autonomous robot that will expand the scope of automated production : the WorkSense W-01.

In recent years, manufacturers’ needs have grown more diverse with demand for products fluctuating sharply and a growing necessity to flexibly accommodate small-lot production and just-in-time (JIT) production. Industrial robots are conventionally installed in a fixed location on a line to perform a given task. The WorkSense W-01, however, was developed for easy mobility so that it can be wheeled from place to place to perform assembly, transport, and other tasks.

The dual arm robot from EPSON can carry out varying tasks almost autonomously using its arm geometry based on human physiology and wide-ranging integral sensors such as cameras, force sensors and acceleration meters. Even tasks which to date have been difficult to automate can now be performed by a robot.

  • Its kinetic sensors on the arms enable it to apply precisely the right grip on the objects. Its 3-D image detection system and visual servo with four permanent cameras enables the EPSON dual arm robot to see the position of parts in space – even if the position changes during the process. No calibration is required.

  • More independence and flexibility: the EPSON dual arm robot is so mobile that you can transport it to a new location without any problems.

  • Its multi-functional, skilful grab hands also enable the EPSON double arm robot to use standard tools such as automatic screw drivers.

  • Programming has never been this easy: simply specify the objectives and the EPSON dual arm robot will create its own trajectories and actions on this basis.

EPSON, Bertie the robot
EPSON, Bertie the robot
EPSON, Bertie the robot
EPSON, Bertie the robot
EPSON, Bertie the robot

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