BeeWaTec BGV-A-S-150

Flexible and dynamic transport for your intralogistics with Autonomous Mobile Robots

BeeWaTec BGV-A-S-150

BeeWaTec offers the perfect solution for every requirement!

BeeWaTec‘s BGV system can be adapted easily and quickly to your current degree of flexibility – now and
in future.

With the BGV solutions BeeWaTec automation now offers you the possibility to implement and shape the
logistics automation of the future yourself. And all this without great effort, without unnecessary waste of
manpower and without a great expenditure of energy.



  • Load capacity: 150kg
  • Transfer capacity: +- 10mm
  • Functional options:


The advantages of BeeWaTec’s BGV system

Flexible and simple

  • Quick and easy installation via SLAM with contour-based navigation.
  • Freely configurable, no pre-programming of routes required
  • Dynamic re-routing
  • Reduction of complexity

Scalable and modular expandable

  • Can be retrofitted, no structural changes to infrastructure required
  • Fast project implementation
  • Commissioning of further BGVs without additional installation effort

Collaborative and cooperative

  • Safety-certified for use in mixed operation with man and machine
  • Employees gain time for value-adding activities
  • Manual processes

Process reliability and efficiency increasing

  • High economic efficiency due to adaptation to current BGV situations
  • No standstill between process steps
  • Increased efficiency with BGV securing

Fleet and order management

  • Monitoring and coordination also of larger fleets possible
  • Central configuration management
  •  Simple generation of transport orders


  • Easy integration into existing systems
  •  Simple connection to peripheral devices
Autonomous Mobile Robots use

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