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The TB30 conveyor is used to carry parts to or from the various manufacturing stations, or can be combined to form complete production lines.

The conveyors modular design allows them to be easily and inexpensively extended or shortened at any time, making them ideal for customer specific transport solutions.

The drive unit with centre drive can be placed free on length of the chassis. The change from end drive to centre drive and vice versa is possible without a belt exchange. The motor of the conveyor has an efficiency-optimized drive and is therefore very energy-efficient. Not only does it meet the EU minimum requirement of the IE3 efficiency class, it is even significantly better than the IE4 super-premium class, which is planned for the future. In addition, the TB30 is more user-friendly and less expensive than its previous models (KTB/TB).

With a maximum length of 10 m chassis widths from 45 to 250 mm are available.

Either a single or dual belt can be used. The conveyor TB30 tandem can be used for transporting larger pallets and other dimensional stable products. The two conveyors are connected by means of a cardan shaft and driven by just one motor.


The TB40 conveyor is driven by a 24 V motor which can transport up to 80 kg in conveying mode. Conveyor products are complemented by our full range of accessories. This includes various belt types for different applications, lateral guides and stands.

With the drive integrated into the drive roller, the conveyor belt is very compact in design.

Chassis widths are available from 300 up to 800 mm. The possible band length is between 1 and 6 m.

The diameter of the deflection rollers 60 mm (drive roller 73 mm) allows the use of cleated belts. The compact construction delivers huge benefits, especially for climbing conveyors with cleated belts.


Click here for more info on the older series (KTB/TB/GTB)

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