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The increasing demand for flexibility in production to assemble small series in several versions in the factories of the future and with Industry 4.0, asks for flexibility solutions in feeding the parts.

HUPICO has the solution with FLEXFACTORY‘s flexfeeder Anyfeed.

The Anyfeed flexfeeder is available in 6 sizes and aims at manipulating the products from bulk in such a way that they – by means of a combination of vision and robot – can be picked up and collated before further treatment (assembly/inspection/packing, etc.).

Suitable for metal and plastic parts up to 75 g, diagonal 110 mm, Cadence depending on the product geometry/vision/robot.

  • The Anyfeed flexfeeder conveys random items that can vary in shape, size and material.

  • There are no problems with failing parts.

  • Components are handled carefully.

  • Automatic drain ensures short conversion times.

  • Infrared background lighting can be mounted.

  • Works with the own Cognex vision systems or those of other suppliers.

  • The parts are picked up both by EPSON robots as other robots.

  • Multiple versions are available depending on the parts.

Recommended parts size15mm30mm45mm45mm75mm110mm
Max. part weight2g15g25g25g60g80g
Bulk storage capacity0.3dm³ 3dm³4dm³6/8dm³10dm³15dm³
Vision extent50x67mm 100x134mm140x193mm 200x266mm 240x320mm 340x430mm
Work range34cm2 134cm2 270cm2532cm2768cm2146cm2
Max. load in vision range 100g500g500g500g1500g1500g
Supporting level138mm171mm160mm160mm241mm255mm
Feeder weight7kg18kg22kg22kg50kg55kg

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