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Quick-Set is a universal modular system for mounting elements. The system ensures that fast installation is possible without machining the profile ends. Quick-Set is suitable for precise dimensionally-stable connections. Its dovetail connections can be subjected to larger loads than T-slot connections.

With the screws tightened to the correct torque, the strength of the resistance to displacement between two interconnected profiles is 3000 N. Quick-Set can be adjusted easily, quickly and precisely, without the need for drilling or pinning.

The Quick-Set profile system is not only ideal for belt conveyor supporting structures, but also for the construction of complete protection enclosures. Special elements to install windows and plastic panels round off the program. The key strength of Quick-Set is high flexibility in construction.

Quick-Set is the ideal solution for the supporting structure as all automation components feature a dovetail mount.

The Quick-Set profile system size 30 is particularly suitable for substructures of the Montech conveyor belts. The dovetail geometry permits enormous flexibility.

This system works exceptionally well in applications that require rapid or frequent reconfiguration.

The Quick-Set size 20 profile simplifies the quick mounting of structures such as laboratory equipment, factory or office workplaces, machine vision installations etc.

The dovetail mount offers maximum flexibility. For this reason, the system is applied in all situations where the constructions must be frequently adapted to new requirements.

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