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When feeding from vibratory feeding systems, it is important that the bowl is not too full nor empty. It may therefore be interesting to feed the bowl from a bunker with a larger stock of parts and using a level control to fill with the right amount as soon as a large amount of parts is used up.

This gives the system a greater autonomy and the operator less work with the refilling.

There are different types of buffers:

– Vibratory bunkers

– Inclined elevators

– Steep elevators

LANCO INTEGRATED / OKU bunkersysteem

Bunker systems with vibratory drive and level control

volume                  between 12dmen 90dm3

load capacity        between 20kg and 60kg

Bunker with conveyor drive

These bunkers serve to carry plastic components and light metal parts to above the vibratory bowl. This provides a large autonomy and the ergonomic refilling of the bowl.

volume                  between 25 – 1000 l (depending on the parts)

load capacity         between 15kg and 20kg

Vibratory bunker

Conveyor bunker


Steep sloop conveyor bunker

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