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MONTRATEC : Montrac (conveyors)

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Brochure Montrac MSH5

MONTRAC stands for absolute flexibility in conveyor technology and thus for practically unlimited possibilities, combined with user-friendly simplicity of the entire system. The more cost effective and faster way to increase the productivity is to automate and/or optimize the material flow. This is hardly practicable with classical conveyor systems. MONTRAC can quickly, easily, flexibly and conveniently help with your project.

MONTRAC is an intelligent transport system that can transport (sensitive) products shock-free at a speed of max. 55 m/min. With the development of the new Montrac Shuttle MSH5, the flexibility and efficiency of the automation system has been further improved. The Montrac®Shuttle MSH5 transports all materials or workpieces up to 50 kg and travels at a max. speed of 55 m/min.

The MONTRAC transport system permits operation in cleanroom conditions. The intelligent shuttles find their own way through a network of crossings and stops where they can position themselves very precisely. The product on the shuttle can determine the way that this shuttle travels (which stations/stops are to be served) leaving a flexible production line.

The system consists of a limited number of components, and the construction and mounting is very easy in comparison with a normal transport system. The Trac parts (curves, switches and lifts) are quick to assemble. The exclusive use of electronic components eliminates the need for pneumatic connections and complicated wiring. Chaos technology reduces the cabling and programming. You enjoy this simplicity not only during the assembly but also when changing or expanding your transport system.

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The entire MONTRAC system is electrically driven which means that:

  • Pneumatic components are not necessary

  • The system is less sensitive for disorders

  • Compressed air is redundant

  • It is easier and faster to install

The monorail track system is defined with a selection of system components. For a flexible routing, features such as curves, switches and lifts are available. Montrac offers corresponding components for specific process or processing steps.

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