Brochure LT40

The LT40 transport system consists of a dual-belt system on which the individual workpiece carriers run at a speed of up to 20 m/min. The workpiece carriers in six sizes allow a rated load of up to 16.8 kg and can be equipped with RFID so that they can be identified at any time. The individual belt sections will be equipped with the selected assemblies according to the customer’s wishes. Thanks to the Quick-Set connection, they can be moved at any time.

The closed aluminium chassis profile without profile grooves provides optimum stiffness at a low weight. The separating unit stops the workpiece carriers at the desired location. The 90° deflection is used for redirection. Workpiece carriers can be removed with the lateral transport or with a switchable transfer gate. Positioning and placing units are available for work on the workpiece carriers. The bridge lift unit makes decoupling from the line possible and is suitable for time-intensive processing. Workpiece carrier alignment within the line can be changed using the lifting/turning unit.

Advantages LT40

  • The almost noiseless drive with a diameter of only 60 mm is directly integrated into the shaft, giving it a compact build. With cable routing available as an accessory, the dovetail can be covered on the outside and/or inside.
  • For higher loads a reinforced centre drive is available.
  • Conveying speed, direction, acceleration and deceleration will be adjusted continuously over an open field bus (Profibus DP).
  • With the future Configurator, 3D CAD data and offers can be easily created
  • The system’s individual transport lines will be designed and assembled by MONTECH. As a customer, you will only need to join it and saving time during commissioning.
  • The warranty period is generally 36 months (excl. wearing parts) for all assemblies.
  • The control including cabling, will be done by customer.

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