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MONTECH has grown from the Swiss machine builder to the well-known components supplier for mounting technology (MONtage – TECHnologie).

The MONTECH products can be catalogued into 2 categories:

  1. Conveyor belts: wide range of small to large conveyor belts, transfer lines
  2. Quick Set: aluminium profile systems serve as interface between all the MONTECH products. Click here for more info.

MONTECH’s single-belt transfer system LTE is asynchronous and its function is to automatically guide workpieces through the necessary workstations according to their assembly sequence.

The workpieces that need to be processed are attached to standardised workpiece holders made of high-strength plastic (PET) and are carried on single-belt conveyors.

The modular system makes it possible to implement the automation process step-by-step. Subsequent modifications can be made with minimum expenditure.

assembly with Quick-Set



indexing unit

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