OKU – since 1 January 2016 LANCO INTEGRATED – specializes in vibratory feeding systems and automatic assembly systems. On the basis of a project-oriented analysis our engineers look for a tailor-made solution.

OKUMAT systems are cam driven systems for assembly automation.

The basis of this modular machine is a central drive with independent cam-assisted stations. Thanks to a thorough standardization the development of an assembly line is limited to the customer-specific data for a custom solution.

The installation can be ordered as a complete system or as a module. To this day this system is unmatched for solving many assembly problems.

  • Basic machine, available with 8, 12, 16 and 24 stations.

  • Cycle rate of 15 to 120 cycles per minute.

  • Multi-track feeding of parts to be assembled.

  • Also available as a basic machine for production facilities.

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