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LEISTER : machine components

Novolas Basic AT

NOVOLAS Basic AT  is optimized for the integration into production lines and manufacturing cells. The laser system can easily be configured for various requirements, due to their consequent modular design. Almost any welding concept can be realized with the different diode lasers and optic modules. The mutually matched components provide high process stability as well as cost-saving production. The use of multiple laser and optic modules in a single system enables an efficient way to increase throughput which also helps reducing costs.

  • Flexible and cost-effective; suitable for diverse applications
  • Individual control via customer supplied guidance system
  • Multiple laser and optic modules in one system possible
  • Very high throughput possible with an appropriate upgrade
  • Modular design with various optional components
  • Modular laser system for integration

Option : Scanner Optic

  • No moving axles required
  • High welding speeds possible
  • Any jointing geometries within the 2D scanning field
  • Gap bridging possible
  • Process control possible using displacement/force sensors

Novolas Basic AT

LineBeam AT

Scanner optic

Spot Optic AT

Roller Optic

Ring optic

Globo Optic

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