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EPSON : N series

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Seiko Epson Corporation has developed a new series of 6-axis industrial robots. The robots in the new N-series have an innovative articulated arm, therefore they can be installed in very small areas. The first product in the series – the N2 – was released worldwide in May 2016. Epson demonstrated the first N-series robot on the international Robot exhibition in Tokyo in December 2015.

In May 2018 the N6 was launched to meet the needs of customers who want to transport relatively heavy objects and transport objects over a wide area. Floor-mounted, the N6 has a 6-kg payload capacity and an arm length of 1,000 mm, both considerably larger than the N2. The N6 is ideal for tasks such as loading and unloading electronic components and automotive parts to and from test equipment or shelving and removing medical products. It can reach a wide range of places such as high and low shelves using a smaller installation footprint than earlier 6-axis robots. These features will enable the robot to increase productivity and the efficiency with which factory space is used.

The structure of the new arm maximizes the space efficiency of the N-series. Hence these robots can be mounted in a space as small as 600 square mm, the equivalent of the space occupied by a human worker. These robots reduce cycle times and offer a higher productivity because the arm will collide nor with the base nor with other objects when it is folded. So, less movements are needed to avoid collisions with objects in the environment.

The characteristics of the N series robots make them ideal for assembly, inspection of electronic products, automotive, medical, …. They can be used to automate countless tasks, such as screwing, assembling, manipulating various materials, loading of products in test systems, …


Max. payload 2.5kg6kg
Weight ± 19kg 69kg
Arm length 160 (lower arm) + 290 (upper arm) 1010mm (100+510+350+150)
Wrist joint length 57mm100mm
Maximum range wrist level R450mm wrist level R1010mm
Max. turn range of the axes ax 1/2/3 ± 180° / ± 180° / ± 180° ax 1/2/3 ± 180° / ± 180° / ± 180°
ax 4/5/6 ± 195° / ± 130° / ± 360° ax 4/5/6 ± 200° / ± 125° / ± 360°
Repeat accuracy ± 0.02mm ± 0.04mm
Mounting specifications foot mounting, ceiling mounting foot mounting, ceiling mounting
Click here for more information on the EPSON N series robots.

Contact HUPICO for the CAD files of the EPSON N-series.

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