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EPSON : ProSix

Brochure C4 & C8

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The 6-axis ProSix C4, C8 and C12XL robots use the revolutionary EPSON QMEMS® sensor technology, which drastically reduces the vibrations of the kinematics.
This makes it possible to improve production speeds while keeping a consistently stable level of quality during assembly tasks.

The EPSON ProSix C8 as well as the new EPSON ProSix C12XL have a reach of 1.400 mm, but thanks to the particularly slim arm design, it doesn’t take up much space. This makes them unbeatable in their class in terms of space optimization!
The EPSON ProSix C4, C8 and C12XL offer better performances. Here, the lifting capacity could be raised to 4, 8 and 12 kg respectively. Still, the robots are just as light and compact as their predecessors.

Arm length600/900mm700/900/1400mm700/900/1400mm
Max. payload4kg8kg12kg
Click here for the EPSON ProSix CAD files
More info on EPSON ProSix C4
More info on EPSON ProSix C8

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