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EPSON : LS series

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EPSON’s LS (Light Scara) series offers outstanding performance, precision and reliability, as you’ve come to expect from EPSON, and this for a lower budget.

In the LS-series, there are 4 different arm lengths (LS3, LS6, LS10 and LS20), whereby a wide range of actions are possible. The LS20 even has a powerful arm that can carry heavier objects or can use multi-grabs.

The robots are delivered including the compact EPSON RC90 controller (RC90-B for the LS10 series).

On these controllers Fieldbus, conveyor tracking and the EPSON Vision can be connected optionally.

The robots are equipped with EPSON’s Smart Motion Control technology, which enables rapid movements with a high speed and low vibration.

  • Fully versatile: more flexible and faster than linear systems

  • Easy to program and handle, as all EPSON robots

  • Suitable for different applications

  • Optional vision, conveyor tracking and different fieldbus systems

  • Includes powerful and compact RC90/RC90-B slave controller and simulation software

  • Optional GUI (Graphic User Interface)

  • Highest EPSON reliability and long-life-cycle

  • Low acquisition and operating costs (as from € 10.000,- !).

LS typeLS3LS6LS10LS20
Arm length400mm600mm800mm1.000mm
Max. pay load3kg6kg10kg20kg
Z axis150mm200mm300mm420mm
All the robots are also available in cleanroom. The Z-axis range is then 30mm shorter.
Click here for more information on the EPSON LS series

The EPSON LS CAD data are available upon request.



RC90 controller

Check out the ease of working with the RC+ simulator software in following videos.

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