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EPSON : Spider series

Brochure Spider series

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The EPSON RS Spider is a “upside down” pending SCARA robot invented by EPSON that makes optimal use of the space, without central dead zone!

This is the first and only SCARA robot with a perfectly cylindrical envelope. Just like a spider in its web, this robot can reach 100% of its area of activity and also convinces with short cycle times.

This 4-axes robot, designed like a human arm, is ideal for fast pick-and-place applications and assembly processes. A continuous insertion force of 150N is possible on the whole area of activity.

Additionally, the Spider combines all the benefits of the high-performance EPSON SCARA robots: outstanding cycle times and joining properties, high insertion forces and rigidities, superb repeatability and an excellent deadload-payload ratio.

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Arm length350mm550mm
Max. pay load3kg4kg
Click here for more information on the EPSON Spider series.
Find here the EPSON Spider series CAD data.

Check out the ease of working with the RC+ simulator software in following videos.

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