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These SCARA robots require no complicated setup and maintenance such as a single-shaft robot. Thanks to the low operating costs they can easily be used for simple automation tasks. Manufacturers who automate tasks by combining multiple low-cost single-axis robots will find that they can replace these with T3 robots. Doing so will enable them to reduce or eliminate troublesome single-axis robot maintenance work and save money over the long run. Deploying T3 robots will enable factory owners to free up space that was taken up by a large number of robots and use their floor space more efficiently and productively.

The T3, the first product in the T series, was released at the end of March 2017 in a limited number of countries, with a gradual rollout in other regions to follow. Since August 2018 the T6 is  available with a pay load of 6 kg and arm length of 600mm.

The EPSON T3 & T6 have a built-in controller, which means that the space required can be significantly restricted as no complicated wiring and space for an external controller is needed. The T3 & T6 only need a power cable. This will make the installation smooth and easy.

A batteryless motor unit reduces maintenance and factory downtime. Factory owners do not need to exchange batteries because the T3 is able to record the back-up status of its motors by using a simple mechanical system with the latest motor technologies.

An end-effector I/O port and a short, stable cable tube simplify cabling work. EPSON has provided an I/O communications port closer to the end-effector. This port makes it easier to connect cables to the end-effector and supply power to it. There is no longer any need to route a long cable to the controller. The cable conduit, which contains pneumatic hoses as well as electrical cables, is shorter than in previous models. The shorter design gives it stability while the robot is moving, making it easier to route cables outside the conduit.

The T3 & T6 motors run on a low supply voltage (AC100V), using 30% less power than comparable Epson robot systems (compared with a EPSON LS3 SCARA robot and RC90 controller). The T series robots have 30% better energy performance (power consumption: 0.66 kVA) than conventional SCARA robots, therefore helping factory owners reduce long-term running costs. The T3 & T6 also run on a single-phase alternating current at input voltages ranging from 100V to 240V, meaning that it can also be used in facilities where a large power supply is not available.

The T-series robots are characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio. For just EUR 7,500 excl. 21% VAT you get a powerful 4-axis robot with integrated controller and various connection possibilities, e.g. to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, … The EPSON T-series also supports image processing, integration of external software and the option to design a custom user interface (GUI).

The robots are easy to use and can be enabled for commands that were previously performed manually or through linear systems: mounting, simple Pick & Place applications with a repeatability of 0.02 mm, supply procurement, positioning commands and control tasks, Assembly tasks (also this supported by the EPSON vision systems) and palletizing.


Although programming is simple, trainings can be followed at HUPICO. Contact us for an overview of our basic training courses.

Benefits of the EPSON T-series at a glance

  • Flexible due to 4 axes: greater variation in movement
  • Intelligent thanks to the integrated, powerful robot controller with system connection
  • Efficient operation and maintenance thanks to simple cabling
  • Energy-saving due to lower power consumption
  • Space-saving – compact unit with a very small footprint – no separate space required for the controller
  • Sustainable thanks to a position sensor system without batteries
  • Available from stock
  • As of EUR 7,500 ex 21% VAT
ModelT3 - 401ST6 - 602S
Arm length400mm600mm
Max. pay load3kg6kg
Z axis150mm200mm
Input / output24/16 of which 6I/4O for the grab hand24/16 of which 6I/4O for the grab hand

Check out the ease of working with the RC+ simulator software in following videos.

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