Moverio BT-350

The clearest via Si-OLED powered, binocular transparent multimedia glasses, designed for commercial use and for use in cultural and entertainment venues


Moverio BT-350

Bring cultural and entertainment locations to life through the power of augmented reality, with these durable and comfortable multimedia glasses that are designed to be worn by a large number of visitors. Usong the power of augmented reality, exhibitions, objects and more can come to life in front of the eyes of the spectator.

  • Immersive visitor experience
    Brong Locations to life with the power of AR

  • Durable and flexible design
    Designed to easily be worn by a large scale of visitors.

  • Accessories for managing multiple units
    Easy management and control of multiple units for large scale implementation

  • Astonishing image quality
    HD-display (720p) and high clarity ensure a crisp visual and vibrant colours

  • Groundbreaking performance
    1,44 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and a 6 hour battery life

Designed for multiple users and extensive use

The BT-350 offers a durable construction and comfortable ergonomics, so that the glasses can repeatedly be worn by many visitors and for longer periods of time, in full comfort, regardless of the shape and size of their head and if they are wearing glasses or not. Because the battery lasts for 6 hours, visitors have plenty of time to explore.

High contrast for true AR

Thanks to the Si-OLED micro display technology and the high contrast ratio of 100.000:1, is the unused display area of the Moverio BT-350 truly transparent. Yhis means that augmented content can seamlessly be put on top of the real world, thus making the cultural heritage more accessible and more exciting.

Astonishing image quality and performance

720p HD-display and high clarity provide crisp visuals and vibrant colours that make objects come to life. The powerful Intel® Atom™ x5 1,44 GHz quad-core CPU en 2 GB RAM ensures a smooth performance. In-built connectivity and sensors include Bleutooth Smart, WI-Fi, Miracast and motion sensors. The multimedia glasses can also provide 3D-content.

Easy management and use

The BT-350 can be used indoors as well as outdoors using the foldable sun visor or fully handsfree thanks to the protective cover for the controller and neck straps. Two year waranty and additional waranty are available with the purchase of our Cover+ packets.

Multiple units can be charged at the same time en updated via an optional charger, which facilitates device management.

Supplied Accessories

  • AC Adapter

  • USB-cable

  • Carrying case

  • Short installation manual

  • User manual (cd-rom)

  • Foldable sun visor

  • Neck straps

Product Specifications

OTG-transparency (Over the Glasses)

Type display device Si-OLED (Silicon – Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Driver method Mono Crystalline Silicon Active Matrix
Display size 0,43 inch widescreen (16:9)
Pixel Number 921.600 pixels ( 1.280x 720) x RGB
Screen size (projection distance) 80 inch at 5 m – 320 inch at 20 m
Colour reproduction 24 bits colours (16,77 million colours)
Refresh rate 30 Hz

Moverio OS

Camera 5 million pixels
GPS Yes, in controller
Compass Yes
Gyroscope Ja, zowel in headset als controller
Versnellingsmeter Yes, both in headset as controller
Microphone Yes
Light Sensor Yes
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with WiFi Direct and WiFi Miracast (Source/Sink)
Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart Ready
Micro-USB USB 2.0
Processor Intel® Atom™ x5, 1.44GHz Quad Core
Internal memory 16 GB
Garantie 24 months Carry-in
Optional expansion of waranty available

Optional Accessories

  • Moverio BT-350 Temple Grip/Nose Pad/Neck Strap Pack

  • Moverio BT-350 Controller Case Unit Pack

  • Moverio BT-350 Quint Controller Dock

  • Moverio BT-350 Shade Unit pack

  • Moverio BT-350 Magnet Case

  • Moverio BT-350 Nose Pad

  • Moverio BT-300 and BT-350 Earphones with Mic

  • BT-350 Carrying Case

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