Moverio BT-35E

Expanding the range of connectivity and usability with a responsive screen for applications in healthcare, engineering, flying commercial drones and more.


Moverio BT-35E

With the handfree BT-35E, with Si-OLED technology equiped binocular transparent smart glasses, users can focus on their work. They have all possible content available with low latency on multiple devices that use HDMI or USB-C connectivity. These durable and comfortable smart glasses are designed for multiple types of users.

  • Keep your attention on your work
    Stay focussed on your work tnhanks to the power of AR

  • Durable and flexible design
    Designed to be worn comfortably by numerous users.

  • HDMI- en USB-C connectivity
    For an experience with low latency

  • Astonishing image quality
    HD-display (720p) and high clarity ensure crisp and vibrant colours.

  • Ideal for commercial applications
    Such as healthcare, engineering, flying commercial drones and much more.

High contrast for real-life AR

Thanks to the Si-OLED micro display technology and the high contrast ratio of 100.000:1, is the unused display area of the Moverio BT-350 truly transparent. This means that augmented content can seamlessly be put on top of the real world, thus making the cultural heritage more accessible and more exciting.

Designed for use hardware and intensive use

Instead of using your own Android controller, this model is equipped with an interface module that other devices can connect to via HDMI or USB-C to keep the latency low. The design and portablility are crucial, next to the fact that the BT-35E is designed for commercial applications. The solid and comfort oriented construction and features ensure that the glasses can be worn by many users, and that it keeps its fit even after extended usage, regardless of the shape and size of the head and if they are wearing glasses or not. 

Moverio BT-35E controller

Astonishing image quality and performance

A 720p HD-display and high clarity guarantee sharp visuals and vibrant colours. With these smart glasses you also possess 3D-content.

Easy to manage and operate

The BT-35E can be used indoors as well as outdoors using its foldable sun visors or fully handsfree thanks to the neck straps. Two year waranty and additional waranty are available with the purchase of our Cover+ packets.

Supplied Accessories

  • AC adapter

  • Belt clip

  • Carrying case

  • Foldable sun visors

  • Headphones

  • Interface box

  • MicroUSB cable

  • Assembly screw

  • Cable holder

  • Set user manuals

Product Specifications

OTG-doorzichtigheid (Over the Glasses)

Type display device Si-OLED (Silicon – Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
Driver method Mono Crystalline Silicon Active Matrix
Display size 0,43 inch widescreen (16:9)
Pixel Number 921.600 pixels ( 1.280x 720) x RGB
Display size (projection distance) 40 inch at 2,5 m – 320 inch at 20 m
Colour reproduction 24 bits kleuren (16,77 million colours)
Refresh rate 30 Hz
Camera 5 million pixels
Compass Yes, only headphones
Gyroscope Yes, only headphones
Versnellingsmeter Ja, alleen koptelefoon
Microphone Optional
Light sensor yes
Micro-USB USB 2.0
Connection points Micro-USB, 4-pins mini-jack
(earplugs with microphone conform CTIA-standard) x1,
Function button 2D/3D, Clarity, Volume, Power Supply
3D-support Side by side
USB-input/-output Micro-USB
Supply voltage:
AC adapter
100 V – 240 V supply voltage +/- 10%, 50 Hz/ 60 Hz,
with Micro USB-cable
Waranty 24 months Carry-in
Optional extension of waranty available

Optional Accessories

  • Moverio BT-350 Shade Unit pack

  • BT-350 Carrying Case

  • Moverio BT-300 and BT-350 Earphones with Mic

  • Moverio BT-350 Nose Pad

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