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Laser Plastic Welding (EN)
Leister Novolas TTS (EN)

LEISTER Novolas is the reference for laser welding machines in the plastic industry. HUPICO helps you with the concept and the technological choices.

LEISTER offers the following laser welding techniques:

– contour welding

– simultaneous welding

– quasi simultaneous welding

– mask welding

– radial welding

– Globo welding (3D possibilities)

– roller welding

– scanner welding

LEISTER welding principle

Check the LEISTER LASER TUTORIAL and learn  how transparent and absorbing parts are bonded together in laser welding of thermoplastics in the step-by-step video guide.

The NOVOLAS TTS (Table Top System) is an all-in-one integrated system for laser welding of plastics (100x100mm). The laser unit and the processing cell are separated from each other and can be set up in a space optimized manner at the production site.

The NOVOLAS TTS is controlled by a Mini PLC and programmed by a Leister developed HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software. The HMI handles transfer of process relevant parameters to the system and storage within a project structure. The welding contour is programmed in a CNC-code while other parameters such as laser power and welding speed can easily be set within the HMI.

Once implemented, the system runs autonomously. Input components like mouse and keyboard can be removed from the system in production. If necessary external access is possible via remote desktop.

– Swiss made

– compact and efficient laser welding system

– economic solution for production

– flexible application range focused on production

– comprehensive and intuitive HMI

– laser safety class 1 compliant

NOVOLAS WS (Work Station) – AT RTT (Round Turn Table)

The NOVOLAS WS-AT is now also available with a rotary turning table (RTT). The RTT is an optional module that can be used to shorten the cycle time of the laser welding system.

Although the NOVOLAS WS-AT stays a manual workstation with this module, the cycle time is reduced what results in higher throughput. The modifications of the WS-AT with the rotary indexing table as user-friendly and respect the machine safety guidelines. The protections at het sides of the machine are foreseen with light curtain protections to avoid inadvertent turning of the table. The new control software of the de HMI (Human Machine Interface) gives a user-friendly setup of the system. The users are efficiently guided through the welding parameters so that they can adjust the process. . Online monitoring with a good/bad evaluation is integrated in the control system.

mask welding

contour welding

simultaneous welding

quasi simultaneous welding

radial welding

Globo welding (3D possibilities)

DOE welding

2D welding


Novolas TTS


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