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RINCO : hand cutting units (ultrasonic textile cutting)

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Ultrasonic cutting technology is suitable for textiles and non-woven fabrics with a certain proportion of thermoplastic fibres. Compared to mechanical cutting, it has the advantage that the cut edges do not fray. Due to the ultrasonic vibrations, heat is generated in the cutting zone area which seals the cut edge. This ensures the high quality of the separating edge and there is no need for additional sewing work to create seams.

However, ultrasonic technology is not only used for cutting, but also for embossing, punching or welding together several textiles. Whether for manual work or installation in special purpose machines, by simply integrating ultrasonic technology, processes can be optimised and solutions found for new applications.

HUPICO will be happy to advise you on your next project.

The ultrasonic hand cutting unit HC35-6 /-8 is suitable for manual cutting and sealing operations.

  • Suitable for textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content
  • Simultaneous cutting and sealing along the cutting line
  • Easy and precise cutting force regulation
  • Ideal for straight cuts as well as for contours
Operating frequency35kHz
Switcheson the hand grip
Cutting forceadjustable
Generatorsuitable types: Ecoline 35-400; SDG35-400; RDG35-400
Click here for a demo of a RINCO hand cutting unit

The ECOLINE generator HC35 is the ideal solution for small budgets. Its compact design and how easy it is to use mean that the generator can be used for manual workstations in a wide range of sectors.

De Ecoline generator is available as a set with a hand held unit and is supplied in a practical plastic case.

Ecoline set (here with Hand gun 35)

Ecoline HC35 with hand cutting tool

RDG generator

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