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RINCO : hand welding units (ultrasonic welding)

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RINCO ULTRASONICS ultrasonic hand welding gun HG35-RS - work light


As RINCO ULTRASONICS set great store by comfortable and ergonomic working, they focused on weight and design in particular when developing the latest versions of their hand units (May 2019). This has resulted in two hand units that are not only very reliable but also incredibly light. At just 600 g including converter, the new ultrasonic hand welding guns weigh the same as a cup of tea. For a better grip, the handle features a soft-touch surface.

The new RINCO ultrasonic hand welding guns HG35-EC and HG35-RS are perfect for spot welding, cutting, riveting, inserting, embedding and flanging thermoplastics. These high-performance ultrasonic hand welding units possess a number of attractive features.

The HG35RS is compatible with the RDG and SDG generators at a frequency of 35 kHz.

The HG35-EC is available to purchase as a set with the Ecoline35 generator and corresponding servicetool box.


  • Amplitude amplification

    The integrated converter amplifies the amplitude while the regulating generator ensures that it is kept constant. The amplitude can be adjusted on the generator to match the specific application.

  • Lightweight

    Thanks to their plastic housing, the ultrasonic hand welding units are extremely light yet also robust

  • Status LED

    The status of the generator can easily be checked on the back of the unit

  • Ergonomic shape

    The weight of the ultrasonic hand welding guns is perfectly balanced thanks to their design, making them feel even lighter to handle as a result

  • Work light

    The integrated light illuminates the working area, facilitating clean and ergonomic working

  • Hanging

    The eyelet enables the hand units to be hung from support fixtures and balancers

The ultrasonic hand welding unit HW35-3/-4 is suitable for manual welding

  • Ideal for spot welding and riveting
  • Works with Ecoline, RDG and SDG generators
  • Rugged construction

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The Ecoline generator is the ideal solution for small budgets. Thanks to its compact design and its ease of use the generator can be applied in many sectors.

The Ecoline generator is available as a set with an ultrasonic hand-held unit and is supplied in a practical plastic case.

RINCO ULTRASONICS hand welding unit HW35 + Ecoline generator

Ecoline set (here with HG35)

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