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PHASA stands for Plastic Hot Air Stake Assembly.

The PHASA procedure uses hot air to heat the thermoplastic material.

There is no contact with heated parts. The process is clean and possible internal tensions disappear in the plastic part.

The cold stamp is used to shape, hold and cool down the material. The heated part now receives its new shape.

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PHASA heat welding process

PHASA also produces a range of standard machines with custom tooling for most applications. Built with a flexibility for quick tool changes it is possible to include additional functions as standard or a later up-grade for – sensing (optical / colour and inductive), part shearing, hole punching, circuit testing and bar code reading.

PHASA 20/40

The most popular in the PHASA range, of hot air cold stake plastic assembly machines. It is suitable for processing all common thermoplastics also with glass or talc filling. A staking area size of 20cm x 40cm.

Compact in size, robust and mobile the PHASA 20-40 is designed for volume manufacture in the automotive Industry, processing single parts or multiple impressions of Interior, exterior, electronic plastic assemblies and Household.

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