Together with the University of Antwerp, Hupico has rapidly designed a machine for ultrasonic welding of mouth masks. The HupiSeam is the result.

As mouth masks are an essential part of the exit strategy, we have designed a machine for ultrasonic welding instead of sewing, at the request of the university. Our experience with the ultrasonic components of the Swiss company Rinco Ultrasonics could be used for this purpose.

The materials that can be used on this machine are non-woven materials. But also woven fabrics with a percentage of synthetic material are considered.

The first tests with a prototype have been completed and are very favourable. The first version has already been delivered and is in production. Some machines are already available and can be delivered immediately.

We have noticed that many customers are interested in this solution. Also interested ? Contact us via

In addition to the HupiSeam, we have also helped to develop several projects for automatic mouth mask machines, some of which are very creative. Watch the VRT report.

A number of Belgian companies also took the risk of importing machines from China, but have meanwhile called in the expertise of HUPICO to make them reliable!

The HupiSeam